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Day Care Center in Washington, DC

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Our day care center, Loving Care Day Nursery Inc., is proud to meet the social, creative, and intellectual needs of your children in Washington, DC. Anthony and Annie Pankey, our owners, have established our center in 1974 to provide the loving care, unique learning, and positive environment your children deserve.

Day Care Center
Our child care programs offer insightful care based on your child's curiosity, creativity, and cognitive abilities. We provide this unique care in our clean, safe, and healthy learning environment.

To accomplish this level of care, our services include meaningful day care programs, development-oriented infant care, and dependable health and safety policies designed with your child's safety in mind.

Meeting Your Needs
From dependable child care services to our quality infant care, our service is based on meeting needs for total child development. We believe that learning should be fun and understand that children learn by exploring, investigating, imitating, and being active.

We also understand that every child is different and learns at their own pace. It is important to use a child's influential years to provide these learning opportunities. Through doing so, we ensure that your children's creativity, understanding, and knowledge grows, and that they reap the rewards of a quality education.

Contact us  today in Washington, DC, to enroll your child in one of our day care center's programs.

Hours of Operation: Monday–Friday, 7 a.m.–6 p.m.